ILC – Internal Link Checker

The idea behind

Internal links can become a mess pretty fast. You start adding articles to your blog, link from one post to another and at some point you delete an article, because it’s not relevant anymore. And then you need to visit your other posts and remove the dead links to 404 pages. But where would you start searching? ILC © helps you with showing the links in a nice meta box.

What it does

The plugin adds a meta box below your editor and displays a list table with all the post titles, IDs & publishing dates, that contain a link to the currently viewed article. The table is paginated and therefor won’t clutter your UI when you have a lot of posts cross linked internally. It also features column sorting and displays the whole number of posts linking in.

  1. Show list with changelog on for available updates.
  2. Full integration with the native admin UI. No breaking on update.
  3. Also cares about posts that have no title set.
  4. Supports all post types: built in & custom post types
  5. Ajax Pagination
  6. Sorting by column (title, ID, publishing date)
  7. Displays link count
  8. Only loads on post/page/CPT admin pages
  9. Single query

You can grap two versions of the ILC ©: The stable version in the official wp.org repository and nightly builds from a github repository.

nightly buildsstable version

  • Search for title directly from the box
  • Bulk actions (maybe) Example: replace the link with a custom string
  • Show links from widgets and other possible places too
  • Faster and better query (by Patrick Matsamura)
Changelog (nightly build)
  • = v0.1 =
    First version
  • = v0.1.1 =
    Should now work with post titles & post slugs/names
  • = v0.1.2 =
    Meta box content now displays inside an unordered list
  • = v0.1.3 =
    Added screenshot, readme.txt for wp.org repo & fixed not echoing if there are no links
  • = v0.2 =
    Moved to class to clean up global namespace
    Added next step for translations
  • = v0.2.1 =
    Minor fixes
    Added translation
    props Patrick Matsumura
  • = v0.2.2 =
    Added authors file
    Made links unique and minor fixes
  • = v0.2.4 =
    Added MarkUp & MarkUp filter functions that work based on an initial settings array
    Can now be easier extended or used on front
  • = v0.2.5 =
    Added auto-correction for li elements & container
  • = v0.2.6 =
    Added singular/plural translation strings
    Grouped results by post type column
  • = v0.2.6.1 =
    Reworked translation files
  • = v0.2.6.2 =
    Avoids loading on every $_REQUEST. Now only loads on post.php in admin (post/page/cpt new/edit) screens
  • = v0.2.6.3 =
    Added mu-plugins directory for l10n lang files loading
  • = v0.2.6.4 =
    Changed meta box title to “Internal Links” to not have long titles in screen options tab
  • = v0.2.6.5 =
    Added wrapper function to call plugin data
  • = v0.2.6.6 =
    Moved Text Domain to plugin header comment for easier maintainance and transparency
  • = v0.2.7 =
    Added native WP admin UI table to the meta box
  • = v0.2.7.1 =
    Moved to admin edit post permalinks
  • = v0.2.8 =
    Added better update messages for plugin list screen
  • = v0.2.9 =
    Check for remote readme file availibility before get file contents on update
    The meta box content filter disappeared and was replaced by an action to override the content
  • = v0.3 =
    Final stable release with new WP Admin Tables class API in use. Typo & Language fixes, fully translated
  • = v0.4 =
    Now supports pagination for the meta box to take less space in the UI in cases where there are more than just a few links
  • = v0.5 =
    Now supports sorting by column