WP Strip Naked

In the last years, using WordPress as a CMS has grown in popularity. But still, there’re some steps that need to be done, before you can use it as such and don’t get bothered by the “blogish” approach it still has in lots of places. As a CMS it doesn’t need a lot of things. It only needs less things before you can start dropping plugins into your installation. Then you can start adding those plugins that add the functionality that your system really needs.

The problem only is, that WP doesn’t has an option, switch or whatever to clean this up for you. So we need to do this ourselves. With a plugin.

The first approach

After a talk with Scott Carris, I agreed that the static page post type is still needed and useful and left it in.

Here’s the full list of what the plugin – so far – removes.

  1. All Dashboard Widgets except for “Incoming Links”
  2. All built in taxonomies and leaves only the nav-menu taxonomy
  3. The built in post type “Post”
  4. Changes the option show-on-front to “pages”
  5. Changes the initial posts query to search for the page with the lowest ID
  6. All admin bar items and leaves only the site name that can be used to access the public view
  7. Admin Menu items and submenu items: Posts, Links, Comments
  8. The admin menu items for Plugin & Theme Editor
  9. All Settings admin menu items and replaces them with the “All Settings” Page and makes it only accessible for 'manage_options' capability
  10. The capitalPdangit filter

You can grap WP Strip Naked © at GitHub as nightly build.

CALL FOR ACTION: Fork, make pull requests, commit and get famous! The project is Open Source and needs your help. Everyone who adds a pull request that finds its way into the repo core, gets mentioned with a link of her/his choice in the readme files.



Show some ♥ I hope you share this plugin and help showing the Automattic staff, that using WP as CMS is a old hat now and core needs to start supporting this also in the admin UI.