Building the new site

Building the new Site

Update As I currently don’t have the time to develop my theme further, I just went with “Publish” by Konstantin Kovshenin. Its clean & minimal. Exactly as I like it.
* * *I’m currently reworking the site. Stay tuned for updates and don’t wonder: Things will break at the moment. If you’re asking why I’m doing this to a life site, then here’s a simple answer: You can follow the process and I don’t really mind you watching me, breaking things. :) If you have opinions, suggestions or even harsh criticism, feel free to leave a comment. You voice will be heard.

Update: So far there’s not too much left until the new site’s finished.
* Comment Forms done
* Search Form done
* Setup Caching & optimize performance done
* Mobile Query and Css done
* Comment display done
* Post Formats implementation
* Gallery display
* Breadcrumbs
* Rss Feed on front page
* Pagination done