A new year, a new chance

A new year, a new chance

In some hours there will be a new year. And as things – as usual – came different than expected, I got time for a quick last post this year. The year that is ending just now showed me a lot of new things. So let’s quickly go over it.


Maybe the best part of this year have been the times where I could participate in two WordCamps (WCEU in Leiden/Netherlands & WPCamp Berlin) and one DrupalCamp (Vienna). In short: It was awesome! I met and talked with a lot of people that I previously only new from the SE Network, Chats, Instant Messengers and Mail contact. In Leiden we managed to get together our WPSE crowd for dinner which was one of the most memorable moments to me this year. Sitting, eating, joking with Thomas “toscho” Scholz, Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko, Stephen Harris, Tom J. Nowell and Frank Bültge was just great and will surely pop up in every “you know, back then” discussion in the next years. Meeting Floor, our WPMeetUp Vienna Lady was some (quite welcome) surprise – yes, I didn’t really check the speakers list up front. I attended some more or less interesting talks with Daniel Hüsken, Birgit Ölzem and Stephen Harris and had some interesting talks in between. The party was much better than expected (yes, people who code can dance!) and I had some very funny (and drunken) moments with Paolo Belcastro, Paul de Wouters and “Otto” Wood, which also left me with some interesting insights into what’s going on over at Automattic and the dot org site. Over all really a nice trip that was worth the time. And if you haven’t read your name by now: I have to meet people in some minutes and just try to make it fast – you’re not forgotten :)

The Berlin Camp was a great one too. I met Marco Heijnen again, whom I already learned to know at Leiden Airport as he was so kind to pick us up together with Andi Nacin, Andrey/Rarst and Konstantin Obenland, which was a pleasure. (Still sorry that I forgot the tin foil for Andi at home.) Then there were Toscho and Frank again, Birgit, Daniel, … and there goes the time. Again: I haven’t forgotten you. Last, but not least, a big sorry to Caspar Hübinger: Sorry for dropping my talk. I promised my girl to spend some time with her in Berlin.

DrupalCamp was a very refreshing experience as well. A friend who works in a Drupal focused company pushed me to grab a ticket – and I didn’t regret it. Aside from some very good tech talks (like the ones by Sebastian Göschkess and Sebastian Simssen), I learned to know some interesting people. I was invited to the speakers dinner on the first evening and Günter/@gue spent the second half of the second day talking with John O’Nolan from the Ghost Blogging Project. In between I met an old friend which I hadn’t seen for more then ten years and lots of other great people with interesting stories, projects and ideas. But the best part was there never was a single word that wasn’t exceptionally interested and friendly when people got around the fact that I was more a WordPress and never even had taken a look at the Drupal code base before. Thanks for giving me the feeling of being welcome that to all of you Drupal girls & guys!

Code, Projects and…

…personal evolution was a big part this year. Maybe more than in every other year before. In short, I managed to learn JavaScript to a point where I can actually code in that scripting language properly. And I got around using dependency managers like Composer, npm and bower and dropped as much of git submodule usage as possible. Learning this was one of the best decisions this year. Another, equally good decision was to finally learn how to handle Grunt. This allowed me to drop all my Ruby Gems + Bash Script stuff and replace it with a nice, maintainable setup that handle so much more, is so much easier to update and makes my projects faster, more predictable and smaller. And it opened the doors to things that I’ve never used outside the IDE. This means that I now can publish open source projects where people can participate at eye height without having to read pages of documentation.

When I look back I’m not sure if the better decision was to learn JavaScript, Require.js and Angular.js or if it was diving more into PHP OOP concepts. But what I learned between and from the discussions with toscho and hakre and from what I can read when I look at my current code and compare it with some from 2012, I can say that I just named the two people who had the most influence on how I look at things now. Thanks for that! And for everybody else: Head over to our WPKrauts Project site and bookmark/add it to your TODO list for the next year.

A Last Word!

Now go, get some beer, wine or Champagne and celebrate! See you next year!

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