WordPress update failing because of missing SSL certificate

One thing that happens pretty often, is that you or your client got a hoster that’s doing quite well and serving things over secure connection, but you ain’t got a matching SSL certificate. In this case, WordPress will nag about it and refuse to update, or abort when you’re trying to do network updates. This […]

WordPress code evolution – OCP for the rescue?

The big picture Everybody who codes has to find solutions to complex problems multiple times every day. And every time we do so, we learn something new. The personal code evolution is a rocketing curve. But only to a certain point as there’re as well tasks that we repeat from day to day: Loading files, […]

Without a plugin? The functions.php myth.
A comprehensive user guide.

State of the file There’s a wide spread digital myth in the WordPress microverse about the functions.php file and that it’s a code snippet container. Let’s take a look at the opinions of some developers who think that this is plain wrong. Konstantin Kovshenin has posted an article, which can be summed up that using […]